These pancakes are delicious! I have made many paleo pancakes in the past, but these are by far the tastiest! I love that they are sugar free and are a bit sweet from the monk fruit. Thank you so much for making delicious pancakes available for those with strict diets. I appreciate it so much!

— Nicole

Gluten Free

I had tried every gluten free mix out there and had just resigned myself to never eating them again. Then a local store called Roots started carrying your gluten free pancake mix and they make the most delicious, fluffy and best tasting pancakes ever! On Sundays my neighbors smell them and come over in their pajams for them. These are better than any breakfast place including Ihop! You have a loyal customer for life!!!

— Stacie D.


This was amazing

— Muna


Found these at whole foods on a trip to the city. Made my first batch and bought 6 more packages direct from the website. I will say I have always loved pancakes but after I found out i was diebetic I changed my lifestyle, lost weight and started working out. Since I know now that 80% of your health is what you eat these tasty little pancakes are going to be part of my get well attitude in life. Diebetic free for 6 months now thanks to companies like this and local growers and farmers that care about health more then money!

— Rob Schramm

Classic Recipe

“These make great pancakes! Yesterday, I tried out my new waffle iron with this mix, and they were the best waffles I’ve ever had!”

— Jill


Awesome!!! Thanks so much for making this mix!!! Not only fast and easy, but so delicious!! I do my best to stick to the Paleo diet and was totally craving pancakes and sad that I couldn’t have them till I found this. Now I can have them any time and couldn’t be happier!!! I love this mix!!!

— Donna

Classic Recipe

“Best pancake mix ever! Was hoping to find it in a larger quantity.”

— Barbara

Chocolate Chip

These pancakes are amazing! They are so simple to prepare and the taste is awesome. I didn’t see the note about the chocolate chips all being on the top, so I got some really chocolate-y pancakes, but I’m not complaining!

— Amy


I have pretty much thought non-stop about these pancakes ever since trying them for the first time. Amazing texture(!)

— Emily

Gluten Free

My husband loves waffles. So, he brought this mix home from Sprouts and it sat in the cupboard for a few days. Then on Saturday morn he decided to try the mix. He mixed the water into two batches of the batter and had enough for four full size round Belgium waffles. For some reason he just decided to add a half a cup of Trader Joe’s Cherry pie filling to the batter. He poured a quarter of Cherry added batter into the waffle maker and we waited. The buzzer went off that the temp was reached and he opened the top of the waffle maker. The waffle looked crisp. A very good sign. I was worried the cherry filling would make the waffle too moist. Boy, was I wrong! This gluten free mix made the best waffle either of us had every eaten. Including our best in town breakfast restaurants. The tart cherries were just the right touch to making the ultra perfect Belgium Waffle. Clearly the Oregon Hazelnut magic is what works to make the perfect waffles on the planet. Now, I just have to get him to try making pancakes.

— Mary C.


THANK YOU!!! My Daughter has been struggling with being gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant. The Paleo pancake mix is great! Not only is it Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, it is also grain-free. Many people with gluten intolerance can not handle any type of grains including corn, oats, or rice. We have tried almond flour and coconut flour by themselves to make pancakes but just could not get the proper consistency. The Paleo mix tastes great, makes an awesome pancake and is very convenient. She will be taking it to college come the fall. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 🙂 Much Appreciated.

— Cindy

Classic Recipe

This mix is great! I’ve tried so many different mixes as well as making my own pancake mix and this is by far our favorite. My husband even commented on how the pancakes have been better lately. I love the way the batter puffs up instead of spreading out! I will most definitely continue buying this mix…just wish there were bigger bags!

— Jenn

Classic Recipe

“Delicious! I was super surprised but I will be buying more of these for sure. Great texture and home made taste.”

— Arjun

Gluten Free

I can’t say enough great things about the Gluten Free mix they have. It is absolutely incredible! I am hooked and have them as much as I can. Being a Gluten Free person who is also allergic to eggs (causes IBS for me), I have had trouble finding warm breakfast options. Not any more!!! These are better than any pancake I have ever paid for in a restaurant. I have also found that if I use Madhava Maple Agave Syrup (from target) it makes for an incredible pancake experience as this syrup is low-glycemic and I no longer get sugar crashes after eating pancakes…that is a super win for me.

— Mike

Awesome! I first bought it at Kroger and absolutely loved it, but when I returned to get more they had discontinued selling it. A mistake on their part because it’s was one of the few reasons I ever set foot in their overpriced store. If you enjoy the flavor of ginger I guarantee you’ll be hooked.

— Jeffrey Harper
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