Paleo Maple Almond Pancakes

I love a quick and easy mix and Birch Benders is one of my paleo favorites when it comes to mixes, especially when I travel. I tuck a bag into my suitcase for those “just in case” moments where I’m literally stuck with no gluten-free or grain-free (paleo) options and I feel like I am going to starve to death. I need some clean carbs as I am active and cannot live on fats and proteins alone, and a satisfying recipe like this one for paleo maple almond pancakes does the trick.

These pancakes are a real twist to the usual that is out there on the internet, I think you will really like them!  While you’re at it, take a look at some of the other unique and delicious Birch Benders recipes that have been featured on my site like paleo pizza and their delicious snack bites.

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