Natural Pancake & Waffle Mix Brand Birch Benders Has Expanded Into Walmart Stores

Better-for-you pancake and waffle mix brand Birch Benders has expanded into Walmart stores! The just-add-water mixes are made with the highest-quality, natural ingredients, and the brand’s best-selling keto-friendly Paleo mix will now be available to the masses. The expansion will make it easier for consumers to get their hands on the Paleo trend without having to venture to a natural retailer. The brand’s Original and Buttermilk flavors will also be available.


As you are likely aware, natural and organic products are increasingly showing up in conventional supermarkets due to consumer demand. That said, this retailer expansion is a huge win for Birch Benders as recent data has shown that conventional stores are leading sales growth in the natural products channel. In fact, conventional retailers account for 44% ($61.5 billion) of natural and organic food sales last year, while natural products retailers account for 39% ($54.4 billion).

Birch Benders’ pancake & waffle mixes contain no GMOs, trans fat or BPAs, and every mix boasts a simple and recognizable nutrition panel made up of ingredients consumers can easily pronounce. The quality-obsessed brand couldn’t be more excited to introduce their products to another audience and make their delicious mixes more accessible to families throughout the country.

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