How The Women Behind Your Favorite Healthy Breakfasts Power Up For The Day

Lizzi Ackerman, Cofounder & CEO of Birch Benders

Staying flexible is essential for Ackerman. She explains, “My ‘routine’  has transformed into accepting the unpredictable and rolling with the daily punches of startup life! Over the years I have realized that being tied to a specific routine doesn't always set you up for success, and that it's better to keep an open mind in order to stay productive.”

With an ever-changing schedule, she knows the importance of protein in the morning to help her start off on stable ground. Her office actually has a full kitchen for recipe testing, which means it’s possible to cook healthy meals. “A typically breakfast at the office usually includes eggs, avocado and spinach... Fueling with a high-protein breakfast is key to a successful busy day!

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