Birch Benders Launches Frozen Toaster Waffles

Birch Benders, a pancake and waffle mix brand in the natural foods channel, is launching a line of frozen toaster waffles. Varieties are Buttermilk, Homestyle, Protein and, first-of-its-kind, Paleo, which is made with tiger nut, cassava and coconut flours. Paleo contains no gluten, dairy, grains or added sugar, while the protein variety packs in 11g of protein (from whey protein concentrate) per two-waffle serving. The waffles are made in Belgium with high-quality ingredients using recipes passed down by Belgian waffle makers.

“We love waffles. And we loved the idea of a delicious toaster waffle. We just couldn’t find any that tasted great and were made with clean ingredients,” says Matt LaCasse, Birch Benders’ founder and CEO. “So we started our search for the perfect waffle, which took us all the way to Belgium—the waffle capital of the world. There we discovered the secrets of waffle bliss: crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and delicious with or without syrup.”

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