Back at Expo West! 2018 Recap (Days 1 + 2)

I took another shift with Simple Squares. Last up for the day was a tour around with Covet PR. We visited Chosen Foods, Banza (love the new formulation of chickpea pasta!), Hope Foods (BOLO for the new guacamole – you’re welcome), Go Macro (BOLO for the new Blueberry Cashew!), Purely Elizabeth (excited to try their new functional oatmeal and reformulated bars with reishi) and Birchbenders (check out the Paleo waffles!). On the way back to meet Becca, I stopped by Honey Stinger. I’m going to be first on the block to try the new Organic Cracker N’ Nut Butter Snack Bars – YAY!

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