8 Snacks To Fill You Up When You're Starving & Cooking A Full Meal Is Too Extra

Open-Face Waffle Sandwiches

I know myself, and I'm often especially crammed for time either in the mornings, or in between any errands I'm running in the afternoon. If you’re anything like me, and are all for living that breakfast- or lunch-on-a-napkin life, open-face waffle sandwiches are a delectable gem I highly recommend.

Birch Benders just launched all kinds of frozen waffles to pop into the toaster and nibble on-the-go. The brand has protein rounds, paleo, homestyle, and buttermilk options, too. The easiest way to fill up on these babies is to toast ‘em up, lather on a layer of nut butter (Barney's chocolate almond is fabulous) or jelly, and maybe even sprinkle on some Nutiva hemp seeds for bonus omega 3s to keep you full.

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