8 Cooking Hacks For College Students Who'd Do Anything To Avoid The Dining Hall

 Prep Toaster Pancakes (Or Waffles) For The Week 

We already know college kids rarely have time to sit down and enjoy breakfast, let alone cook a smorgasbord of food for one before an 8 a.m. seminar. The easiest way to fit in a meal is to have the goods prepped and ready to go when you need them — which is where YouTube vlogger Maddie Lymburner's toaster delicacies come into play.

Healthy for you and super delicious, Lymburner suggests whipping up these vegan pancakes (or you can try a pre-made batch like Birch Benders) on a Sunday night and storing them in a freezer-safe baggie for the week. Pop them in the toaster when you're ready to eat, and you've got yourself a yummy stack you can fork through while you get ready for the day.

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